Kevin Hopkins.



Height: 174cm Weight: 77 kgs

Chest 97; Waist 94; Hips 96


Graduate: Oxford Training Theatre

Location: Melbourne, Australia

kev hshot.jpg

             2019   LONGLINE  Barkeep George, Oliver Crawford Smith

             2018   BACK SEAT DRIVER Cop, Oliver Crawford Smith

             2010   KILL (Short) Lead, David Richardson.

             2005   THE MAREY PROJECT (Lead) James Clayden films.

             2002   TRAIL OF PASSION (Trent) Savage Pictures

             2000   GURU WAYNE (Tibor)  Sovreign Films

             1999   SENSITIVE NEW AGE KILLER (George Hartley) Savage Pictures

             1999   NIGEL  (Tony) Nigel Productions

             1997   HRMS PROJECT (Training Film) Pixelworks.

             1995   LIFE - Rough Trade Pictures.

             1993   THE SENTIMENTAL ASSASIN (George) Savage Pictures.

             1990   AUSTRALIA POST (Training Film) Rawnerve Productions.

             1989   ERROR OF THE MOON (Lead) Swinburne Post Grad.

             1985   THE SETTLEMENT - Queensland Film Board.

             1987-2001   NUMEROUS VCA/STUDENT FILMS


2010 - present

            TWELFTH NIGHT Aust Shakespeare co Toby Belch, 2020

            SECOND COMING Swan Hill Tour; Laurence, 2019

            MACBETH, Aust Shakespare Co, Melb Macduff  2018/19

            A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, ASC, Melb Bottom 2017/18

            ROMEO AND JULIET Prague Shakespeare Co, Czech Republic Friar Laurence 2017

            TWELFTH NIGHT ASC, Melb Sir Toby Belch  2016/17

            SHAKESPEARE'S BEST BITS, ASC Bot Gardens, Melb, Quince and Various 2015/16

            THIRD PERSON OTHER by James Clayden (Operetta, Carlton Courthouse) Man 2015

            AS YOU LIKE IT, ASC Bot Gardens, Melb, Dukes Senior and Frederick and Audrey, 2014/15

            HAMLET  ASC  Atheneaum Theatre, Polonius, Melbourne 2014.

            A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM ASC Bot Gardens, Quince, Egeus, Melbourne 2013/14

            SUBSTITUTE FOR THE MECHANICS INSTITUTE, Freud, La Mama Theatre Melbourne, 2013

            DISTANCE John La Mama Theatre, Melbourne 2013

            HENRY IV PT 1 (King Henry) ASC Athenaeum Theatre Melb,  2012

            SPINOUT (Various) Speigel Tent, Arts Centre Education Production. 2009/10/11/12

            THE BRIDGE  (Mr Dean and Brian)  VAC Fairfax, and tour regional Vic 2012

            A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM, (Behind the Scenes) (Quince) ASC Bot Gardens 2011/12

            TRIAL OF ADOLF EICHMANN (Adolf Eichmann) Malthouse Theare 2011

            COMEDY OF ERRORS (Duke Solinus) Aust Shakes Co Ath Theatre and Botanic Gardens 10/11

            RICHARD THE THIRD  (Buckingham) Aust Shakespeare Co Atheneaum Theatre 2008

            DOWN TO EARTH (Joe Higgs) Essence Productions, Werribee Mansion  2006-14 (ongoing)

            OSAMA THE HERO by Dennis Kelly (Mark) Sydney/Melbourne 2006/7

            SQUIZZY TAYLOR by Barry Dickins (Syd Curd) Carlton Courthouse/Trades Hall. 2006/10

            MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Don Pedro) Essential Theatre Co. 2006

            DIZNEY ON DRY ICE by Nathan Curnow (Tony) Carlton Courthouse 2006

            MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING  (Benedick) Aust Shakespeare Co, National Tour: 2005

            OUTLOOKERS (Marcus/Walberry) Arena Theatre Melb/Bris/Syd/Wellington/Singapore 2004/7

            A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM  (Oberon/Theseus) Aust Shakespeare Co 2002/03/09/10

            WHAT WAS THAT  (Mr Duncan) Essence Productions, Werribe Mansion 2003-14 (ongoing)

            MACBETH X   (Macbeth) La Mama  2002

            SMOKESCREENS  (Litvinoff) Chapel off Chapel 2002.

            TWELFTH NIGHT  (Feste) Aust Shakespeare Co. 2001/2002

            GO IN TIGHT  (Conrad Knacker)  La Mama 2001

            ROMEO AND JUILET  (Mercutio)  Botanic Gardens 2000-2001 and 2003/4

            MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Benedick) Perth/Adelaide 1999-2000

            GUYS AND DOLLS (Brannigan) The Production Company, State Theatre, 2000.

            MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Borachio) EHJ Productions 1998\99

            TWELFTH NIGHT (Sea Captain/Priest) Melb Theatre Company1998

            MACBETH (Duncan) MTC Education Regional Tour. 1997

            THE TAMING OF THE SHREW  - (Biondello) EHJ Productions 1997.

            A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE  (Stanley)  MTC Education, 1996.

            ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Dodo/Caterpillar/March Hare) Melbourne Zoo. 1997

            SLOW TRAINS N DIRTY TOWNS (Henry Dane) La Mama.1997.

            QUASIMODO (Quasimodo) Q Brand Productions.1997.

            A LIE OF THE MIND (Jake) Soul Theatre. 1996.

            TEST TUBE TWIN SET (Various) Napier Street Theatre.1996.

            ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND EHJ Productions 1995.

            THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (Weasel) EHJ Productions 1994/95.

            STAGE DOOR (David Kingsley) PAP St Martins.

            ODYSSEY OF A PROSTITUTE (Various) Belmoth Productions.

            CLAY (Brian) The Carlton Courthouse.

            HEIGHTS (Various) PAP La Mama.

            MIRACLE OF THE ROSE (Jean Genet) PAP Melbourne Gaol & Belvoir Street.

            THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (Otter/Policeman/Judge) Botanical Gardens.

            MACBETH (Lennox) National Theatre.

            BLOOD ON THE CAT'S NECK (Teacher) Fringe Network.

            LIFE (Product Director) St Martins Theatre.

            LOVING FRIENDS (Maynard Keynes) Ripponlea Gardens.

            FIGURES IN GLASS (Frank) St Martin's Theatre.

            ADVICE FROM A CATERPILLAR (Overgoat) La Mama & Universal Theatre.

            IN ANGEL GEAR (Vern) St Martins Theatre.

            DEATH OF PETER PAN (Roger Senhouse) La Mama & return season at Universal.

2010 - present



            KING LEAR, Prague Shakespeare Company, Estates Theatre Prague, 2019

            MUCH ADO ABOUT BEATRICE AND BENEDICK Grad Players Aust and Prague Fringe 2019

            COMEDY OF ERRORS Graduate Players ASC Melb, Vic, Prague Fringe Fest 2018

            TWELFTH NIGHT Graduate Players, ASC Melb, Sale Prague Frnge Fest 2017

            MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, BraveHearts ASC Melb, Sale, Prague 2016

            THE CONTAINER Big West Festival, Melbourne. 2013

            TWELFTH NIGHT Aust Shakespeare Co Education Production. 2012

            OUR TOWN, MR HARCOURT, and Various GRADA academy Benalla, Vic. 2011

            ALICE IN WONDERLAND Aust Shakes Co, Melbourne Zoo 1996, Ripponlea 2011

            A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM  Essential Theatre Co, National tour.

            TWELFTH NIGHT  Essential Theatre Co, National tour to wineries

            WIND IN THE WILLOWS Adapted by Glenn Elston @ Royal Bot Gardens

            WHAT WAS THAT by Alaine Stoka @ Werribee Mansion, Essence Productions

            BRITISH COMEDY for Essence Productions, Melb.

            WIDE BROWN LAND by Noel Wingad, Carlton Courthouse.

            A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM  Assistant Director, ASC Top End and Qld tour.

            RICH AND CREAMY by Simon Hall, La Mama

            BRICKWORKS  By Four new Melbourne writers, Chapel Off Chapel.

            THY KINGDOM COME   By Daniel Lillford,  La Mama@Carlton Courthouse

            SLOW TRAINS ‘N DIRTY TOWNS  By Daniel Lillford, La Mama@Courthouse.

            Dr SNUGGLES SHOW Command performances Melbourne. 10 Month Season.

            THE SECRET GARDEN for P.A.P. at Ripponlea Gardens.




               WORK COVER

               THE RED CROSS

               R.A.C.V. INSURANCE

               FLINT WEBSTER (US)

               HERALD SUN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


               PHRYNE FISHER  (James Murray)

               COMMON LAW (John Olsen)

               BLUE HEELERS (Det.Snr Sgt. Stan Lazar, semi regular)

               BED OF ROSES (Skype Man)

               A COUNTRY PRACTICE (Tom Johnson)

               THE FEDS III (Rick Senot)

               JANUS (Bazza Timson)

               PHEONIX (Lance)

               THE NEW FLYING DOCTORS (Stan Illies)

               NEIGHBOURS (Gary O’Neil)


               STINGERS (Kelly Harris)